5 Reasons Local Business Should Use Online Directories

5 January 2023

5 Reasons Local Business Should Use Online Directories


5 Reasons Use Online Directories

#1 Improve SEO – With the backlinks and citations online directories provide, they greatly help improve the SEO efforts of any business listed within them. Online directory sites also have high page authority, so even when a business’ website isn’t ranked high, they can still be found at the top of the search results.

#2 Increase Conversions – Customers love using online directories to find local businesses in their area. When they find one in an online directory, they’re more likely to actually make a purchase from that company. Online directories increase conversion by taking qualified leads and converting them into regular customers.

#3 Target Your Market Effectively – The only people that will see your business listing in an online directory are users that are already searching for a product or service. The ability of directories to hone in on a business’ target market this way is what makes them so effective.

#4 Great ROI – Most online directories, even the largest and most popular, are free. This means every lead that’s converted into a customer is a 100 percent return on your investment. Even directories that charge a small fee will have a better ROI than other forms of marketing.

#5 Low Maintenance – Business listings in online directories do need to be updated every so often. With that being as little as every four to six months, business listings in online directories don’t need to be micromanaged. That frees you up to run your business!

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